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On July 4-5, 2023, “The 8th China Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference (2023)” was held by China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce in Shanghai with the theme of “Reach Common Development Through Industrial Innovation”.

      In 2022, The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Modern LogisticsThe 14th Five-Year Plan for the Pharmaceutical Industry and other notices were issued by General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, which marks the initial entry of modern logistics in national top-level design and highlights the status and importance of the supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry. Representative from related governmental agencies and pharmaceutical enterprises deeply interpreted policies for medical industry together at the conference, and discussed how to promote high-quality development of domestic pharmaceutical supply chain. As an outstanding intelligent warehouse solution provider, ZS Robotics attended this conference and delivered a speech entitled Intelligent Warehouse Robots - Empower Pharmaceutical Enterprises Through Warehouse Transformation.

    Pharmaceutical supply chain can be divided into upstream, midstream and downstream. Upstream suppliers refer to those in pharmaceutical R & D and manufacturing industry, including suppliers of drug substances, pharmaceutical preparations, biological drugs, traditional Chinese medicine and medical devices. Midstream suppliers are those in pharmaceutical circulation industry, including pharmaceutical distribution and retail. Downstream suppliers are those in health care industry, including state-owned hospitals, private-owned hospitals, etc. While intelligent warehouse solutions are mainly applied in 
upstream and midstream. Zichao Qin, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Center, ZS Robotics, summarized several pain points in the pharmaceuticals industry:

  • Difficulty in finding products and easy to be lost caused by diversified drug substances/drugs;

  • Strict batch control with time-consuming, laborious manual monitoring and easily confused results;

  • Lots of storage space required to avoid tightened storage space due to large quantity of batch orders;

  • Severe environment, such as wider temperature span within warehouses, and across-region operations in multiple temperature zones leading to labor shortage;

  • Difficult to remodel and use space as most of irregular warehouse used in medical production

    Intelligent warehouse solutions provided by ZS Robotics which include four-way shuttle robots, high-precision hoister, ZSmart platform, with high-intensity storage, flexibility, suitable for irregular warehouse available and other temperature-controlled warehouse, can solve major pain points of medical storage descried above, to achieve fully automated and digitized warehousing of medical production and circulation.

    Ziyue Qin stressed the commitment of ZS Robotics to every customer at the end the speech, that was: 100% Delivery, 100% Worry-free. This is the original aspiration that ZS Robotics has been adhering to since its establishment with delivery as the ultimate goal of all services. Delivered quality and customer experience are criteria for capacity measurement on ZS Robotics. Based on high quality products, excellent program planning ability matured delivery systems and firm attitude to make a commitment, ZS Robotics always tries its best to create the best delivery experience for customers and build a good reputation in this industry no matter how hard it is.

    Currently, projects provided by ZS Robotics have been put into service in pharmaceuticals industry. With that in mind, ZS Robotics shall continue delve into application scenarios in the pharmaceutical industry and is committed to solving pain points for customers with intelligent warehousing solutions.

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